Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shave Time Off Homework!

Typing efficiently can cut time spent on assignments like reports and research papers in half!  A keyboarding course is usually offered in school, but what about homeschoolers, students that need extra practice, or an adult whose employment or resume could benefit from polished typing skills?  Here in Mrs. Redd's Classroom we are big fans of the FREE online software from  The kids love it!  It has cool graphics, easy to understand instructions, is set up like a game with scoring at the end of each lesson that shows how close you are to the prize.  All lessons can be repeated as necessary, and you can design your own lessons.  You can download the software or check out the online assessments and other features.  To accompany the program, I designed a Keyboarding Practice Log for each of my children to record their progress on.  I have them run through each lesson at least three times and record each score.  At the end of the three practice sessions they average up their score.  Not only are they getting keyboarding practice, but they are also beefing up their charting, data collecting and math skills!  You can download my FREE Keyboarding Practice Log form from  Just search 'Rachael Redd' under Sellers, and you will find it.  Download, Save, Print, and Reuse as necessary!  Contact me, and I will customize any printable with your child's name.  Happy Typing!

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