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About the Blog

The Mrs. Redd's Classroom Blog is a reflection of one of the principles we educate and live by: the world as our classroom.  I believe that through literacy and education we can achieve higher levels of peace and conquer serious issues that plague our society. While we are working towards this goal within our own home, I want to reach out through blogging to spread the concept of a personalized education and its positive effects on society.

Class Schedule

I've developed a blog schedule for organization and self-discipline purposes that reflects our actual agenda.  Though we do not adhere to a strict schedule, having a general theme helps keep everything organized.

Monday - Math
Tuesday - Language Arts
Wednesday - Art & Music
Thursday - Social Studies
Friday - Science
Saturday - Coaching Concepts
                  Home Ec (See Mrs. Redd's Kitchen)
Sunday - Reflect & Renew

I (try) to follow these themes when posting to Facebook and Pinterest also.

What We're Doing

We are in the midst of remodeling and continuous winterization, and we are taking this opportunity for change to rethink our learning spaces, evaluate where we are, and make sure our foundations (physically and academically) are intact.

Mastery, More In-Depth

I've been building upon the How Do I Teach For Mastery  blog series from August 2013 by examining some core principles.  I will be reviewing and tweaking those posts, so watch for a refresher on Mastery Teaching Principles. 

Throughout my mastery posts, I mentioned the importance of creating reference points through learning fundamental information.  I want to get more in depth in what we consider to be the knowledge that forms our educational foundation.

My goal is to help you out with some reference materials and guides, lots of freebies, and more educational resources and printables. 

Academic Coaching

My mission as an Academic Coach is to strengthen our community through the personalization of education for the students I coach, and to assist parents and educators in doing the same.  

Outline For the New Year

  • Start your Saturday mornings with my new series, Coaching Concepts.  I intend to elaborate on the principles I use to educate myself, my children, and the students I coach.

  • Since I believe that a strong skill set in reading and literacy is essential to academic success in all subjects, I will be focusing more in depth on developing literacy skills and incorporating language arts into all the subjects.

  • Find out more about our remodel and see how we connect home and school at Mrs. Redd's Kitchen.

    • We will be developing winning writer skills over at Redd Ink as we experiment with a competitive form of writing education, work on community literacy projects, and work diligently on our novels.

    • Follow along as we delve into our family history and tackle a huge family heirloom project over at Slamming Doors.

    Do you have a question or idea for a topic you'd like me to cover? 

    I want to help and answer questions.  If I don't know the answer I will do my best to find out!

    Remember, we are creating the future through our children.  Let's work together to make it brighter!


    As I build on the "How Do I Teach For Mastery?" blog series, my intention is to share the principles of leadership education, how we are applying them, and to convey the concepts I use as an Academic Coach.

    I am working on resources spanning from printables to books and curriculum.  As I accomplish these goals, my readers will be the first people to have access to them. 


    I welcome your thoughts, questions and concerns.  Let me know what you think and how I can help.

    About Me

    I am married to a wonderful man who has blessed me with 4 amazing children, and we are approaching our 13th year of marriage.  We have been self-educating since 2009.  I have an accounting degree, as well as a management and customer service professional background. 

    Currently I work from home building an academic coaching service, designing curriculum, making wax melts and incense, and writing.

    We are repairing and restoring our historic home, which is the place I grew up.  We hope to become as self-sufficient as possible, and are learning the homesteading life.

    Let's Connect

    Parents feed, nurture, and gaze into the eyes of the future every day.  Let's connect, and shape the future together.

    Happy Homeschooling!
    Mrs. Redd


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