Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friend of the Fleas

If you live in my area, you have probably experienced the fleas, except this certain species of flea has been welcomed and is thriving in our town. The fleas are spreading, but don't call the exterminator. Here's why:

1. You can learn a lot from the fleas.
2. Fleas are fond of history.
3. Fleas are good for our environment.
4. Fleas help grow our local economy.

Stop scratching! I'm not talking about the insect. Shelbyville is home to several flea markets located all over town. We are now a bargain hunter's haven!

So what can you learn from the fleas? Flea markets have endless educational opportunities. They are akin to anthropology museums with exhibits changing daily and free admission. You will find artifacts related to various periods of local and foreign history and books on every subject.  Interesting objects spark conversations about memories, inspire new (or abandoned) hobbies, or pique a child's curiosity. If you purchase a "souvenir,” you are attaching something tangible to a memory that can be passed on through generations.

Fleas are friendly, and not just to customers.  Empty buildings have been brought back to life in order to house items that have been repurposed and are suitable for reuse.  Fewer empty buildings lets visitors know that businesses are welcome and can grow here.  The flea markets are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors, and by purchasing the wares of our local businesses we strengthen our community.  Not to mention that secondhand shopping saves us money!

Personally, I love the atmosphere of the flea markets here in town.  You are welcomed by a cheerfully decorated patio at Me & My Sisters Flea Market.  The scent of popcorn at Trader’s Depot and the aroma of handmade candles at Blue River Village tempt you to slow down and browse.  You are greeted with smiles and warm conversation at all the local fleas.  I hear Nostalgia on 9 is open for business, and there’s another newbie in town called The J. Ryan Trading Company.

Whatever your reasons for frequenting the fleas, make an afternoon of it and hop around town visiting them all.  Don’t forget to grab some local cuisine while you’re out, you won’t be sorry!

Happy Hopping!
Mrs. Redd
Mrs. Redd's Classroom


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  1. We found baskets perfect for our container garden, some pieces of American History to add to our collection, and some P.E. equipment among other things this week. Love the fleas!


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