Friday, July 12, 2013

We've Got Learning in the Bag!

Learning Luggage

In the spirit of portability, I started packing "busy bags" and creating mobile learning opportunities. My most recent piece of learning luggage is a Nature Study Bag.

We practice continuous learning-some might say we school year round.  In the spring and summer months we focus on the outdoors.  At the turn of the season this year, both in the weather and in our life, I opted for some independent study for the kids.

I gathered up what I could find and put it all together to create a Nature Study Bag.

What's in it:

Whatever your theme is for your bag, look around and get creative with what you have.  Here's what I found to create our Nature Study Bag:

  • I have several backpacks and tote bags, so I picked a sturdy one that would be suitable for the outdoors.  I intend to coat it with some waterproofing spray.  This bag has several zippered pockets in various sizes, and is in the style of a messenger bag.
  • One of my flea market finds was a photo album with a leaf print design on the cover.  I turned it into a nature journal.  I had a cargo pants pocket leftover from a sewing project and I hot glued it into the cover for a pencil pouch.  
  • I added some lined paper, white paper, and stationary to the nature journal.  I designed Primary Lined Journal Paper and included it as well.  The stationary is nature themed, just some I had plenty of and in a couple different styles. 
  • I made a list of activities as a guide and put it in the album.
  • I bundled up colored pencils with a rubber band and put them in one of the bag's pockets.  I put old pencils and pens in the pouch inside the photo album
  • An insect activity book and a couple earth science activity books
  • A butterfly guide book
  • Magnifying glasses
  • A tripod and a waterproof digital camera 
  • A related book to read aloud.  If you are from my area, you are probably familiar with Bears of Blue River and Uncle Tom Andy Bill by Charles Major.  The kids enjoy those books since we spend a lot of time on Blue River, the setting of the books.  
  • Find more resources and ideas for nature notebooking here.

Class Discussion

How have you made learning portable for your kids?

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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  1. Love your commitment and your passion for your teaching.Brenda


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