Monday, August 19, 2013

Mastery Teaching Simplified

Mastery Teaching...

  • Emphasizes retention and comprehension over quantity of information covered
  • Inspires and fosters a love of learning
  • Diminishes the need for reteaching
  • Prevents gaps in education
  • Is an ideal method for home educators

1 Goal  

To submit information to the long-term memory.

3 Steps

  1.  Identify the basic concepts to be learned.
  2.  Create a plan.
  3.  Evaluate & Adjust

3 Keys  

3)  Curriculum Design

Unlock the Door

Follow the 3 steps, use the 3 keys, and you have unlocked the door to a mastery education.  

It's that simple.

Class Discussion

How do you know when your children have mastered a concept? Please share!

Questions? Ask away!

Happy Homeschooling!

Mrs. Redd

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