Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fostering Talent: Raising Artists and Musicians

Free Form

Art at our house is very informal, at least for the time being.  We start from the ability to hold a crayon and supply the materials and encouragement to progress from scribbles to masterpiece.

The same is true for music.  We love music, across the genres, and our children are familiar with a variety of forms.  It is impossible for us to provide every instrument, but we do have guitars and pianos available.  We let them pound the keys and strum the strings, sing, dance and listen to music of all types during the day.

Negative Space

When I was assigned an art project in school, I balked. I was supposed to create someone else's idea in a closed environment.  The result was stifled creativity and lack of interest.

When I could bring the images in my mind to life through my own methods, I was an artist.    

I was also in band and took piano lessons for several years. Until I tired of playing someone else's music that held no meaning to me and being pressured to perform instead of create and enjoy music.

There has to be a connection.

Making the Connection

Art and music are creative and emotional outlets that are closely connected to personal interests.  Here's how I've handled these subjects so far:

  • We provide the supplies and make them readily available.
  • We connect art to our lives through photography, as well as cards and gift making.
  • I give them options and make suggestions rather than assign specific subjects for their art. 
  • We respect the amount of time each child wants to spend developing their talents.
  • I let them come to me with their questions and we proceed accordingly
  • We tried music lessons, but found they were not a good fit.

The Results

Our children...
  • Love to create, and continue to develop their talents almost independently.  
  • Prefer to learn to play instruments by ear, and this has been successful.  
  • Are familiar with a variety of genres and artists, both past and present.
  • Have learned to play music they enjoy and songs that have meaning to them.
  • Spend a suitable amount of time and effort on the development of their artistic and musical talents.

Class Discussion

What do art and music look like in your home?

Happy Homeschooling!

Mrs. Redd

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