Monday, September 23, 2013

Measuring Up

Today's Math Focus: Measurements

On this beautiful Monday, we are covering measurements-not only the metric system, but also how we can and should measure ourselves.

Reaching Great Heights

I have a set of skills I want to pursue and perfect, along with a sketch of the kind of wife, mother, and woman I want to be. 

This is an ongoing process.  I encourage my daughters to join me, and always strive for self-improvement towards their own picture of who they want to be.  

The goal is to set and meet our own personal standards according to our beliefs and values, and not allow the world or society to dictate who we are.

Eyeballing It

In an episode of Petticoat Junction, Kate tries to recreate her famous Bachelor Butter for a company that wants to buy her recipe.  

Her measuring cup was a mayonnaise jar, and the fill line on her pot was the dent in the side.  While this may have made a perfect batch of Bachelor Butter, Kate's units of measure don't work well outside her own kitchen.

I'm more likely to use a mayonnaise jar than a measuring cup myself, but I've had to change my ways in order to teach.  

Making the Connection

Mastering measurements is as easy as boiling water or sewing on a button.  Here are some activities that have measured up to the kids' liking:

  • Making Koolaid, cookies, pancakes, and other simple recipes.
  • Keeping track of everyone's height.
  • Arming the kids with measuring tools and sending them outside to find random measurements.
  • Taking measurements for sewing projects.
  • Building with blocks and scrap materials.

Class Discussion

Share some projects you have done to practice measuring.

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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