Saturday, September 21, 2013

Which Came First: The Q or the A?

A Matter of Perspective

The answer came first.  There had to be something to ask a question about, right? Or maybe you think the question came first because you have to wonder about something for there to even be an answer.

Either way, what came before the question and the answer? 

What must exist for a question and answer to be born?

Curiosity Killed the Cat...

...only because it didn't follow safety procedures!

Curiosity, a desire to know, is the prerequisite.

The "Why" Stage

This is one phase you don't want your kids to grow out of.  Encourage questions, and teach them to search for answers.  

Make the Connection

No matter the subject, the desire to learn must be present.  

Here are some ways we have encouraged questions:
  • Keep a list of questions. 
    • Get books for independent reading on the topics
    • Use for future lesson plans
    • Use to create rainy day or boredom buster activities
  • Have conversations.
    • Use new words.
    • Include children in discussions about current events and appropriate topics even if it seems above their heads. 
    • Ask them open-ended questions that require thought.
    • Have them write questions for and interview family members or others they can learn from.
  • Make above-level books available
    • Read them aloud (Suggestion: Watership Down by Richard Adams)
    • Encourage independent reading 
  • Use personal interests.
    • Investigate related careers.
    • Design activities that encourage further research.

Class Discussion

What are some crazy questions your kids have asked you?

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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