Friday, September 20, 2013

Always Before Our Eyes, Forever in Our Minds

Constant Reminders

We want our children to be rooted deeply in the knowledge of our heritage.  We are proud of who we are, where we come from, and what we stand for.  This is reflected in our home.

The objects and displays placed throughout our home have a purpose.  Some have sentimental value and personal history attached to them, and some represent our beliefs.

When we see these things as we go about our days, they become part of us-we cannot forget them or their meaning.

Tense Travelling


Our love of antiques reflects an interest in bygone eras, specifically in American and family histories.  From an early 20th century (still functioning!) sewing machine, to the 48 star flag and the nearly 200 year old house itself, we are reminded daily of things that have shaped us as individuals, a family, and a nation.  


Our eclectic blend of artifacts includes modern items as well.  Technology connects us and brings the world to our home.  Modern day conveniences paired with things of the past reminds us how far we have come and that anything is possible.


As a parent I am reminded constantly that we are responsible for the future.  The three little minds we are responsible for shaping will someday enter the role they were born to play in this world.  I am honored and humbled at the same time at this thought.  Home education is a reference to our concern for the future.  Recent losses and our role as caregivers reminds us that we are mortals and should live accordingly as we create our personal timelines.

Making the Connection

Social Studies is an integral part of our life.  We live through current events, study past ones, and use lessons learned before us to guide our paths to the future.  Here are some ways we connect past, present and future to grow our roots and spread our branches:
  • Photography:  Collecting, sorting and creating projects from old and recent family photos.
  • Family History: We pair genealogy done by others in the family with our own research projects, photos and memories.
  • Local History/Geography:  We explore and learn about our community through local events and resources.
  • Civics: Seeing and using important symbols of our American heritage on a daily basis keeps the American principles fresh in our minds.  

Class Discussion

How does the design of your home reflect your belief system? Feel free to post photos!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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