Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bears in Our Backyard


...not literally.  The bears that roamed our section of the earth have long since relocated.  But the books Bears of Blue River and Uncle Tom Andy Bill by Charles Major help keep their presence alive.

A New Tradition

I discovered these books in 2011, and we immediately read them.  We loved them! They have been the spine of our spring and summer learning ever since.  

Making Connections

Since Charles Major is a native of our hometown, and the setting of the books is along the Blue River, we began exploring our setting through camping and fishing, nature studies, water pollution, local landmarks, events, and resources (Grover Museum, Shelby County Public Library, Bears of Blue River Festival, Shelby County Arts Fest, The Gallery, local businesses, etc.)

Double Connection

There are two connections I want the kids to make through my design of this ongoing "book report":

  1. A connection to the subskills associated with all the academic subjects that will lead to mastery and support additional knowledge as we progress through our education.
  2. A connection to nature and community that will establish roots in their native home and instill a sense of civic duty required for fulfillment of our role as citizens.

Class Discussion

Do you have books that your family reads over and over? Why do you love them?

Happy Homeschooling!

Mrs. Redd

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