Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Story Starters For Art & Music

Today you get 5 story starters each for Art and Music. Enjoy!

5 Art Story Starters

1.  Elizabeth was speechless when she opened the blinds.  The world outside was completely black and white!

2.  This was Michelle's first visit to New York.  She stood gawking at the mural before her: it was a graffiti image of herself as she looked at that moment.

3.  Jason picked up his photographs from the printer, but when he looked at them later he realized they were not his pictures.

4.  Eric rushed out the door, cramming his drawings into a folder as he went.  One blew out of his hand, but he didn't have time to chase it.  The next day his drawing was on the front page of the newspaper.

5.  Ashley gave her baby brother a crayon and sat down beside him.  A few minutes later, she saw that his yellow construction paper was covered in the most elegant calligraphy she had ever seen.

5 Music Story Starters

1.  Paige had grown familiar with the twangy old country music that drifted down into her bedroom through the vent.  Then one day it stopped.  

2.  The ice cream truck rolled slowly down the street, but the cheerful tunes had been replaced with a lullaby.  Instead of running to purchase a treat, parents and children stopped where they were to nap.

3.  Lacy and Megan, arch rivals since kindergarten, were both participating in the school talent show.  Lacy planned to sing, Megan planned to play her trombone, and they both intended to sabotage the other.

4.  Justin's mom ALWAYS listened to jazz.  One day he came home early and caught her jamming to classic rock.

5.  Malcolm woke up to a cheery tune, but couldn't find its source.  He soon noticed that the music changed with his activities.  Someone was playing music to Malcolm's life!

Class Discussion

Share your stories you wrote using these prompts!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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