Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Science Story Starters

When I connect writing to learning, I envision information being inscribed upon the brain. Writing is a method to mastery: when we write something down it is more likely to be submitted to the long-term memory for retention.  

Some of the most fantastically fictional ideas have been turned into reality because they were written down and explored.   

5 Science Story Starters

1.  Lucy fanned the pages of the book to release the old book smell she loved.  A folded piece of paper caught her thumb.  It was a sketched blueprint and handwritten note signed by Albert Einstein.

2.  As part of their aquatic life nature study, Jessica and Ben collected a sample of river water to observe under the microscope.  They were astonished at their findings.

3.  James was fascinated with the weather, and had made a hobby out of reproducing meteorological occurrences on a smaller scale.  One day James made an important discovery.

4. In the course of her work, Tonya uncovered an element unknown to man to that point.  The more she learned, the more she realized how crucial this element was to our existence.

5.  Shannon loved studying space.  One night while observing the sky, she noticed something strange.

Class Discussion

Share your stories using these prompts!

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Mrs. Redd

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