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Guest Post: 5 Story Starters That Keep Kids Writing

Today's post is a compilation of prompts written by Brenda Woods of The Write Space.  Brenda is a published author, established editor and journalist, and has been teaching creative writing for ten years.  She is also a good Facebook friend of mine! :) You can read more about Brenda and The Write Space here

While you are visiting The Write Space, be sure to read about a tiny warrior named Lily-Mae and consider getting the fundraiser book  Tiny Dancer: A Book For Lily-Mae.

What Can You Do?

By Brenda Woods

“How can I keep this going?” enquired a parent after our amazing Summer Camp. She noticed her child had left The Write Space talking about fairies, aliens and things like adjectives and synonyms, and making up characters she wanted to write about!
Her child was writing and reading out loud and feeling confident.
So here are some guidelines as what you can do – as a parent or caregiver – to keep that little creative mind working on their writing abilities.

1.  Think Like A Kid

It sounds silly – but try to be like a child. Get out of the adult grown up world for a bit and go with the flow and listen to what they are saying. Unlocking the creative imagination is key. If you can talk it, you can write it.
Find the wonder in everything. A simple walk can turn into a magical adventure. For example – those bubbles brimming in the little stream are actually fairies dancing! Did you know that? It’s just we can’t see them because they are Shy Fairies. Ask your child to tell you the names of other fairies living in the stream. You might be very surprised with their answers.

2.  Through the Portal

I love this one – the portal experience. Just like in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe – think of something which once opened, could transport you to the other side and into a magical land. 
I used to tell our children that if you opened the cupboard doors on one side of the kitchen you could travel through a magic tunnel to one grandma and if you opened the other kitchen cupboards under the sink, you would get to visit the grandma who lived in the other direction. 
Even think about this – if you put your hand through the garden hedge on the stroke of midnight (no particular reason for this time but it seems magical) then you will travel into another dimension and meet new people. Who are those people?

3.  Bedtime Stories

Read to your child at night in bed. Then close the book and chat about your own characters. Tell one part of the story and your child tells the other. 
A good point to begin a story is at the start of a journey and the character has to find something and meets interesting creatures on the way. Of course, there is always the evil character following and trying to cause trouble!

4.  Choose an Object

Look at something as simple as a pen and ask them to talk about it. Is it a magical pen? Is it a naughty pen that writes bad things? Is it a good pen that helps you write all the correct answers? If you were the pen – what would you say – where are you from?

5.  Write Now, Edit Later

This is part of our work here at The Write Space. Most of all – we have FUN. We also try not to initially nit-pick with spellings and grammar – can you imagine the Shy Fairies having someone interrupt their adventures and tell them they are not speaking correctly?!

Thanks for sharing with us Brenda!

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Happy Homeschooling!
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