Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Creative Writing Activities For Social Studies

Social Studies is a subject that often thwarts students, even very bright ones, if it is left to mundane methods that present the subject as dreary. 

Adding a little imagination to any subject brings it to life, and can increase the chances that information will be mastered.  Combining creativity with writing as a learning method can only accelerate learning even further.  

5 Social Studies Story Starters

1.  After writing what seemed like a thousand letters, the president finally responded personally to Jessica's concerns.

2.  Remnants of a brick path are all that is left of the old schoolhouse, along with a few tales of famous Americans who attended it.

3.  Melissa and Eva closed their eyes and pointed to a destination on the map. The girls were astonished to find that the town had vanished and no one was talking.

4.  The ancient tree in Jonathan's backyard had been uprooted in last night's storm, leaving a deep, gaping hole.  Among the massive roots and dark earth, Jonathan spotted an object protruding from the dirt.

5.  Amy entered her grandmother's attic and immediately noticed the magnificent ball gown hanging in the corner.  She put it on and stepped in front of a dusty mirror.  The moment her eyes met her own gaze in the mirror the attic disappeared. 

Class Discussion

Share your stories using these prompts!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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