Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Art & Music Journal Activities

Room For Improvement 

Writing is a fundamental subject, and I want to incorporate it across our curriculum as a go-to skill. Until recently, though, I have overlooked writing as an integral part of art and music.

In an effort to remedy this deficit, I have come up with a couple ideas to utilize journals, and over at the MRC Fan Page you will find additional links.

Art Journal Activities

1.  Writing in Reverse: Reinforce the ideas of painting pictures with words and conjuring images while reading.

Without using words...
  • Draw a story or comic strip 
  • Draw thoughts, emotions
  • Draw images of meaningful experiences

2.  The Art of Lettering:  Make handwriting fun by getting creative.
  • Explore the timeline of writing utensils and create new tools.
  • Design your own lettering.
  • Learn calligraphy.

Music Journal Activities

1.  Write to the Music:  Listen to a variety of music and write the thoughts each evokes.

2.  Take Notes:  Record favorite songs, lyrics, musicians, styles of music, etc.  

Class Discussion

Do you have any suggestions for integrating writing into our art and music curriculum? 

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd


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