Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Literacy Skills to Master For Math Success

Do I Really Want to Know?

We all love it when our kids tell us we have hit a home run with an idea.  But what about when we just know they aren't going to like something we have to cover? 

I went feedback fishing on our recent encounter with story problems (envisioning piranhas devouring my lesson plans), and this is what I caught: 

"They're easy. They're like mystery stories," said the young mathematician who is a recovering reluctant reader/writer.

"Me too!  The clues help me figure it out," said my older advanced reader who, earlier in the week, was reduced to tears over the necessity of math fact memorization.

That fish is getting mounted over the mantle.


I pondered this over laundry, and decided this was no happy accident.  I am doing something right.  

The Hypothesis

If we build a solid foundation in literacy skills while learning the fundamentals of other subjects during the primary years, we will make a smooth transition into more complex subject matter when the time comes.  

5 Literacy Skills You Need For Math

These 5 basic literacy skills are imperative to success in math:

1.  Reading Fluency is the ability to read smoothly and accurately.

2.  Having a High Vocabulary is to possess and continue to grow a vast vocabulary knowledge. 

3.  Reading Comprehension is to understand and organize information within a text and having the ability to derive information from context. 

4.  Critical Thinking is the ability to think logically and creatively in order to solve problems and come to conclusions not only from reading but in any situation.

5.  Communication Skills include the ability to speak and write clearly to effectively share information and ideas.

Class Discussion

I'm looking for creative activities that link literacy and math.  Please share some ideas in the comments!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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