Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Basics of Mastery: Where do I Begin?

Digging Deeper

The How Do I Teach For Mastery? series gave you an overview of the concept of mastery, and now I want to delve into it with more detail.  

Let's Review

In Mastery Teaching Simplified, I listed the 3 Steps to Mastery Teaching:

1.  Identify the basic concepts to be learned.
2.  Create a plan.
3.  Evaluate and adjust.

What Am I Going to Teach?

When we break down education into its individual subjects (math, science, etc.), we find that there is one essential element that cannot be neglected: literacy.


  • Is the ability to read and write effectively 
  • Is the key to learning all other subjects
  • Leads to proficiency in communication 
  • Is more than just reading and writing

Where Do I Begin?

1.  What is your literacy level?  

You must set an example.  If you aren't doing so, grab a book and start reading for yourself - and read to your child regularly.  If you aren't writing (by hand!), get a notebook and start a journal.  

2.  What is your child's literacy level?  

Does your child...

  • Read daily?
  • Discuss what they have read with you?
  • Look up new words on their own?
  • Feel comfortable reading aloud?
  • Hold meaningful conversations with others, including adults?
  • Speak in complete sentences?
  • Write daily?
  • Write legibly?
  • Write in various forms? (Lists, notes, stories, poems, letters, etc.)

The Next Steps

Class Discussion

Right now we are reading:

Me: Atlas Shrugged 
DD1: Harry Potter Series
DD2: Fairytales

What are you reading?

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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