Sunday, February 16, 2014

Purposeful Literacy: A 3-Point Perspective

As I've grown with my children, I have learned that there is much more to education, literacy, and parenting in general than I ever imagined.  

First Things First

We must teach with purpose, but we must be clear on what that purpose is before we can succeed.

This is my philosophy on literacy and its significance.

Literacy is a life skill.

Just like potty training, eating and dressing independently, a child must develop strong literacy skills to be a fully functioning adult and have a strong foundation for further education.

Literacy is a responsibility.

One of our civic duties is to raise responsible and motivated adults to ensure a free society and better future. A child who is prepared with effective literacy skills can help find solutions rather than be part of the problem.

Literacy is a privilege.

In our culture, literacy is encouraged and supported for everyone.  We are even free to choose what we learn and where we learn it.  That is not the case in other parts of the world.  

We must remain a literate society in order to protect this privilege, and to spread literacy to those who are not as fortunate.

Class Discussion

What do you think of my literacy philosophy?     



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