Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Basics of Mastery: Introduction to Setting Strategies

Setting Up For Literacy Success

Setting Strategies is a sub-series of The Basics of Mastery.  There are two parts to this sub-series:

1.   Designing Literacy Stations
2.   Designing Literacy Learning Strategies

Learning Environments and Learning Strategies are intertwined, and a plan is necessary in order to successfully synchronize the two.  Setting Strategies will guide you through:

  • The Key Elements of Any Learning Station 
  • Personalizing Your Literacy Station
  • Transporting Literacy: Don't Leave Home Without It
  • How to Design Your Own Literacy Curriculum

Setting Strategies Series Objectives

By writing and sharing this series based on my personal experiences, I intend to...
  • Give you a template for designing Learning Stations within your home learning environment.
  • Show you the importance of, and ways to create, a home Literacy Station that develops and maintains a positive perception of reading and writing.
  • Share simple activities specific to the Toddler, Primary, and Upper Elementary age groups that ensure literacy skills are practiced daily, can be made portable, and will help form lifelong learning habits.
  • Show you how we have taught our children to read and instilled a love of learning and literacy without purchasing a curriculum.

Stay Tuned...

Here's what you can do this week to prepare for next week's Setting Strategies post:

  • Get inspired through my related Pinterest boards that I've linked to throughout this post.
  • Write down your literacy goals for yourself and your children.

Class Discussion

In The Basics of Mastery: Where Do I Begin?, I wrote that literacy is more than reading and writing.  

How do you define literacy?  Please share in the comments!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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