Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If I Could Pick Only One: My #1 Mastery Tool Pick For Art & Music

The subjects of Art and Music are themselves a tool for mastery by their very nature.

Creativity Crusher

The speed at which supplies accumulate is astonishing.  Especially when you are a nerdy mom like me whose favorite things in the world are brand new pens and notebooks.  I will choose a Back to School sale on supplies over a shoe sale any day (and I love shoes, too!).  


Clutter is my arch enemy!

Clutter stifles creativity by taking up precious work space and clogging up the learning atmosphere. It is simply all my ideas for projects manifested in the physical state.  

It's a slick fellow too, creeping in without me realizing it and then it's too late.  

It. Must. Go.

Time to Evaluate

I put the items in our arsenal to the test:  

  • How much do the kids love it? 
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it generate more or less work?
  • How many purposes can it serve?
  • Is it expensive or hard to find?

Drum Roll, Please

The winner for Best Art Supply is:  


Here's Why:

  • The kids absolutely and unconditionally love to play with clay.
  • It's a no-fail activity:   I can whip out the clay box anytime, take it anywhere, and apply it to any subject.
  • It's convenient.  Easily accessible and easily cleaned up.

And here's a real gem of a bonus:

When their little hands are busy molding masterpieces, their little ears tune in to Mommy.  Yes, that's right, they listen

Music to My Ears

For us, musical items don't tend to pile up, so I really don't have much to purge there.  I will, however, name our favorite tool for this subject too.

Background Music

  • Instrumental music CD's we found at Dollar Tree have been a priceless asset to our home. There are familiar classics, nature, upbeat, relaxing and patriotic albums.  If you want to create an atmosphere, this is the way to do it.  

How we use it:
I've been able to attach a different CD to each day according to the daily theme.  For example, we listen to patriotic music on Thursday, our Social Studies day.

  • Nursery rhymes and activity songs are a hit even with the older kids because they get to teach the actions to their little brother. 

How we use it:  

I turn on the CD to start our day on a positive note.  The lively songs help get the "wiggles" out, and we all get a little exercise in.  

Class Discussion

Post photos of your kids creating over at Mrs. Redd's Classroom Facebook page!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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