Tuesday, February 11, 2014

7 Tips For Mastering Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency Subskills

I defined Reading Fluency as the ability to read smoothly and accurately while comprehending what is read

In order to master a concept, we must break it down into its basic components.  The underlying skills of Reading Fluency are:

  • Reading with confidence
  • Voice inflection
  • Phonetic awareness

7 Tips For Mastering Reading Fluency

1.  Read aloud-both of you.

Read to your child every day, as often as possible.  Read them books they love, introduce new ones you think they will enjoy, and have them read to you. 

2.  Speak properly.

Hold meaningful conversations with your child, even very young ones will try.  Speak clearly and in complete sentences, and expect the same in return.  Your toddler may not be able to yet, but it won't take long if you are consistent.

3.  Point out punctuation.

It will take a few times, but soon they will be pausing at commas and getting excited at exclamation points.  

4.  Have a mood swing.

Maybe not literally. Being a tad dramatic with emotions and the tone of the story will not only demonstrate putting feeling into the words, but it will also aid in comprehension.

5.  Teach phonics, not sight words.

Teaching a child to memorize a word does not help them with new words they encounter, knowing how the sounds work together to form words, does.   

6.  Write regularly.

Writing reinforces reading and vice verse.  

7.  Make positive associations with reading and writing.

Read books about topics that interest your child, and be enthusiastic every time they bring you a book.  It only takes a minute to read a short children's book.  Keep them stocked in reading material also.

Class Discussion

Do you have a struggling or reluctant reader? Share your concerns in the comments and I'll help you find solutions!

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Redd

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